Heavy Duty 18" Wrist Wraps

Protect and support your wrists during those heavy lifts! These heavy weight cotton and elastic wraps are 18 inches long (oh baby) and have a wide hook-and-loop closure for a customized fit. These are excellent for pressing movements and for preventing added wrist stress associated with low bar squatting. We recommend wrapping the wrist immediately before the lift and releasing the velcro after the lift to allow blood flow to return to the hands. Wrap the wrist below and above the joint and as tight as possible without causing any pain will assure the best wrist support. 


  • Wrist Pad supports the wrist joint during heavy lifting.
  • Strap is made from heavy duty cotton for added strength and reliability under heavy weights.
  • 2” Super Strong Velcro that Never Quits.
  • 3” Wide.
  • Comes with two (2) wrist wraps per order.
  • One size fit all.
  • Washable.
  • Excellent quality,strong, and very comfortable.
  • Beautiful Color combos (more colors coming soon). 
  • Never Quit Performance Woven Logo. 

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Type: Wrist Wraps

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