13MM POWER BELT | 100% Genuine Leather | Heavy Duty Lever

Never Quit Performance
13MM Heavy Duty Lever Buckle Powerlifting Belt

Our lever belts are quick and easy to use. Quickly and securely tighten this belt with the flick of the heavy duty lever system and get in and out of your sets faster than a prong belt. Release the belt when you’re done with a quick easy push of the lever. Designed to support your heaviest lifts, this tough hand crafted Never Quit Performance 13MM lever powerlifting belt never disappoints. This belt was crafted specifically for competitive powerlifters, cross fitters, bodybuilders, and anyone looking for maximum support. Our 13MM training belts are the toughest belts on the market and will take a few weeks of regular training to completely break in. Assembled from the strongest 100% never quit genuine leather and wrapped in super premium suede, you can wear this belt with confidence and expect it to forever stay strong and supportive. All our belts have been tested for 100% quality assurance for the strongest lifters in the world. So brace up, valsalva, and gain confidence knowing this belt will NOT break down under the pressure!

13MM Heavy Duty Lever System Specifications:
  • Blacked out Solid Metal Quick Release Heavy Duty Lever System
  • Thickness: 13MM For Maximum Support For Heavy Ass Lifting
  • Width: 4” Wide to Meet Competitive Powerlifting Requirements. USAPL Compliant
  • 100% Genuine Exclusive Leather that Never Quits
  • 100% Genuine Exclusive Leather that Never Quits
  • Heavy Duty Stitching: 4 Rows of Reinforced Black Heavy Corrosive Resistant Nylon Stitching
  • Super Premium Quality Suede Inside and Out Providing a Non-slip Surface
  • Adjustable with 8 Precision-spaced Holes
  • Color: Black Suede with Signature Black and White Never Quit Performance Logo


BELT SIZING GUIDE: Measure around the area you will wear the belt with a measuring tape. Make sure to measure with whatever clothing you would normally wear while lifting. Measure around the area the belt will be worn and not above or below this area. Use the below chart to determine which size is best for you.







25" - 32"

29" - 36"

33" - 40"

37" - 44"

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