Our Story

The Brains behind the Never Quit Performance Brand
We can all recall a time in our life when we were super motivated for a specific goal. It may have been to lose weight, start a company, or land your dream job. There is nothing in the world that compares to the passionate feeling of truly wanting to reach new goals and determine how to start accomplishing them. Unfortunately for most, these goals do not always become a reality and they can slowly slip away from us. Life is continuously going to throw unexpected low blows, distractions, and complications and it’s up to us to handle this pressure to the best of our ability. Never Quit Performance is a brand that recognizes the reality of these destructive circumstances and our conscious fight to wake up every single day and give our absolute best effort to live more positively despite whatever our struggles may be. Never Quit Performance is my dream company and I have committed myself to never quit on this passion I have for this brand and our message. I am grinding every day, continuing to form a company I am truly proud of. Never Quit Performance represents much more than just a brand and represents the battle we all face to reach success and happiness. We are a team and I believe we all need to start motivating instead of hating. As a team we must help motivate each other to continue advancing towards our dreams. When you wear the Never Quit Performance brand and use our products I want you to all feel like you are part of the Never Quit family. You are part of this distinctive team that make every effort to keep pushing. You can feel confident that our products are going to positively support you and continue to influence you and others around you to Never Quit. We are much more than just a brand and more of a mindset. We are dedicated to all the men and women who grind, give 100%, and never quit!  
- Mike Smith